Discipleship Communities are groups of believers who study scripture, openly explore God's call on our lives, and fellowship together. Encouraging spiritual growth and discipleship, these groups meet Sunday morning to mutually share and support each other in our faith journeys. In a world that is becoming more disconnected, our Discipleship Communities provide a welcome respite to daily demands. Discipleship Communities foster our strong sense of family.

AGAPE 60s+

AGAPE class welcomes singles and couples who desire to be in a group of caring people.  We are dedicated to Bible study, church programs, and community projects.  We offer support to unique life challenges such as retirement, grand-parenting and again concerns.  All are welcome.

CARPE DEUM 20s-30s

CARPE DEUM (seize God) welcomes everyone.  We are primarily young adults and young families.  Our desire is to "take hold" of God, stepping up as the church of today.  We meet regularly outside of church, offering accountability groups, small groups, and other social activities including biweekly potlucks on Sundays.

CHRISTAJAK Taught in Lao

CHRISTAJAK is taught in Lao and concentrates on the basics of the Bible and living the Christian life. Occasionally we share in fellowship meals. While most of us are Asian people, we welcome visitors and new members.

ECCLESIA 50s-60s

ECCLESIA ("small church") is currently comprised of singles and coupes ages 50+.  Our class is close-knit and enjoys interacting together outside of church as well as each Sunday morning.  Emphasis is placed on building/strengthening relationships between members, encouraging/supporting one another and nurturing/challenging our faith journeys with Jesus Christ.  We attempt to serve the church and community through prayer, volunteering, and financial support.


GRACE FELLOWSHIP is a diverse group of people, many who are parents of young adult children, who seek to support and care for one another in all seasons and circumstances.  We are earnest in our desire to live faithful Christian lives, only with God's grace and help, often expressed and experienced through His church.  We are church to one another and, as part of that, we heartily welcome anyone who wants to join us.  Our regular activities include Sunday school (biblical teaching and sharing/prayer), class meals and picnics, retreats, camping, service projects, and small groups.

JUBILEE 40s-50s

JUBILEE class members range in age from 40-55 years with middle school through college age children totaling over 65 people.  Our energetic yet laid-back group enjoys getting together for monthly social and service activities. Classes include a variety of teachers for Bible, book, quarterly, or video studies. We thoroughly enjoy supporting and challenging each other.


KOINONIA class members range in age from 50s-70s. We are a diverse group of men and women who are serious about how we relate as Christians to the world as well as deepening our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We enjoy both social and service activities that are usually planned monthly. New members are always welcome.

LOGOS 50s-60s

LOGOS (Leaning on God Our Savior) is committed to study of the Word, prayer, and mutual support in our walk with God.  We are comprised of couples and singles ranging in age mostly from 50s to 60s; the majority of us are empty nesters.  We enjoy an annual Christmas dinner, a weekend retreat, along with various other service and social activities, and small groups.

New Class Intergenerational

We are starting a new discipleship community (March 10, 2019) for those who do not currently have one. If you are new to our church, or find yourself without a discipleship community to call your own, we would like to invite you to come and share sacred space with us.


NEW FOUNDATIONS is a class of ages 30's-40's.  We are establishing our careers and family lives.  Our children range from newborn to upper elementary.  The class has topical and Biblical studies geared to meeting real life issues.

OPEN CIRCLE 60s plus

OPEN CIRCLE is a class of active seniors with a variety of interests.  We value personal sharing and try to be sensitive to individual needs including all members whether married or single in all our events, such as Bible study, teaching, prayer ministry, and inspirational book studies.  We have social events 3-4 times a year and include a fall Sunday in the mountains and special Christmas celebration. We are involved in age-appropriate (65+) service projects and contribute regularly to individual and mission agency ministry needs.


OPEN FRONTIERS class represents a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.  Some of us have grown up in the Shenandoah Valley and others are quite new to the area.  We also welcome new believers and new people to the church as we explore new spiritual frontiers.  We range in age from the 30s to the 60s.  Our common theme is to support each other as we grow in our walk with Christ.  We discuss the HMC sermon topics.  Please consider joining us!

SALT 50s - 70s

SALT: Couples/singles late 60's to late 80's
Sharing: faith, care, prayer, encouragement, joy, food, time, friendship
And: weekly men's and women's lunch, monthly Red Hats and Hard Hats
Learning: about God and relationships through Bible/book/uniform lesson studies
Together: optional small groups, social/service activities, Christmas banquet, retreat
We warmly welcome you to join us in Sharing And Learning Together

SINAPI 40S - 60S

SINAPI class is a diverse group of married and single adults ranging in age from 50s to 60s.  We represent a wide variety of professions, interests and hobbies.  We concentrate on three areas: our personal relationship with God, our commitment to each other, and our service to the church and the community.  We welcome you to our class to discover the warmth and caring of Sinapi class.


STEPPING STONES is a group (ages 30-50) who are settled into our careers and family lives with mostly school aged children.  We incorporate a blend of Bible study and topical studies and enjoy spirited discussions.  Visitors and new persons are welcome!

Young Adults ages 18 - 24

Young Adults is a class for anyone approximately 18-24 years old.  This class is focused on addressing issues of young adults as they transition to new schools, new work, and new patterns of life.  We seek to deepen our relationships with God and actively engage our church and broader community as members of God's kingdom.