Main Office: (540) 434-4463

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Elders provide theological and spiritual discernment and facilitate ministry for HMC. Elders listen, care, and pray for the congregation. They give spiritual guidance and encouragement to the lead pastor in his personal and spiritual walk, and in his oversight of the other pastors, staff, and congregational ministries. Elders help reconcile theological and spiritual issues at HMC.

Mike Lehman, Chair
Dana Blauch
Don Hedrick
Eric Hostetter


C H U R C H   C O U N C I L

Church Council acts on behalf of the members of HMC. Church Council Serves three functions: 1) Focuses HMC's vision and values into actionable statements called ends. 2) Holds Lead Pastor accountable for achieving our ends statements. 3) Communicates with HMC members on HMC's strategic direction.

Church Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month except July, at 7pm in room A2. All members are welcome to attend and observe meetings.

Phil Landes, Church Council Chair
Deb Pardini, Church Council Vice-Chair
Greg Dean, Stewardship Committee Chair
Elroy Miller, Gifts Committee Chair
Craig Maven, Lead Pastor
Ken Horst, Member at Large
Leah Kratz, Member at Large
Rob Roeschley, Member at Large
Eric Swartley, Member at Large
Aaron Yoder, Member at Large

Roy Hange - Overseer
Virginia Mennonite Conference
District Minister for Harrisonburg District

Roy Hange is co pastor with his wife Maren of Charlottesville Mennonite Church and also works as a District Minister with the 13 churches and 20 plus pastors of the Harrisonburg District.